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At thirty-two years old, Tammy lacks any real direction. She’s determined to get her life together, but something always gets in her way. Point and case, the one thousand dollars’ worth of damage she causes to a cute little candy shop because of her clumsy feet.
Mason doesn’t know why he offers a job to the hot mess who crashed his display case, but the bottom line is, she needs money and he needs someone to work for minimum wage in his store.
Mason has secrets, and now’s not the right time to get involved with someone, but working with Tammy without falling for her might prove to be difficult.

**Bitter Sweets is a 28,000 word novella that belongs to the One Night family but can definitely be read as a standalone.**



You might recognise Tammy’s name. She is the sister of Spencer, the hero of book 3 of the One Night Series. While writing Spencer and Reece’s book, Tammy would not get out of my head. Really, she’s like my spirit animal. In her thirties, completely lost, flaky, a little bit awkward … Tammy is an attractive, blonder me. Haha.

Hope you enjoy!