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Follow a broken up boy band as they navigate solo careers, Hollywood, and falling in love with the wrong people. From bodyguards to nannies to each other, these guys seem to be attracted to the men they can't have.

It doesn't help one of them is trying to get the band back together.

Will they revive the biggest boy band on the planet?

Pop Star
Cash Me Outside Duet
E D E N   F I N L E Y

Marcus Talon and Shane Miller are parents! To COLLEGE KIDS!

PEYTON My whole life I’ve had the pressure of being Marcus Talon and Shane Miller’s football prodigy. I’ve been destined to follow in my NFL-playing fathers’ footsteps since the day I was born. I usually thrive under pressure, but as senior year looms, it all gets too much, and I need an outlet. The last place I thought I’d find my release is at Levi Vanderbilt’s graduation party. In his bed. With him. It’s a one-time thing. An experimentation. And while it was fun, we agree that being with guys isn’t for either of us. I’m happy to accept that until he turns up in California. I haven’t had to think about him for four years, but now I can’t get him out of my head.

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