Where to Find Eden Finley Books


All of Eden Finley's books are exclusive to Amazon.

You can find her books here.


Reasons authors choose KU:

80% of all ebooks sold come from Amazon. Their Kindle Unlimited program is a great way for readers to save money on books while the authors still get paid. Amazon pays authors per page read instead of sales. So, the more people reading your books, the more money they make. These reads boost sales rank and improves visibility, meaning more eyes land on your books.

It’s an amazing program and I can’t recommend it highly enough, especially for new authors.

It’s also great for readers too, because for a nominal monthly fee, you get access to thousands of books. And if you don’t like a book, you simply stop reading. The author will only get paid for how many pages you read.

But there are downsides:

Not everyone likes kindle or has a kindle or the app on their tablet. (I used to be one of them!) Essentially, committing to KU alienates some readers, and that’s the last thing authors want to do. But on the flip side, pulling out of KU will often alienate KU subscribers. They already pay $10 (or whatever the cost is) per month, they don’t want to be buying books as well.

It’s a tough decision for any author to make. The key is finding what works.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.