COVER REVEAL Unwritten Law

Coming September 5

Being an identical twin doesn’t come without issues.

No one can tell us apart, not even our parents sometimes. We don’t usually use that to our advantage, but it comes in handy when my brother needs help breaking up with his boyfriends—which happens more than I’d care to admit. I know it’s enabling him, but I can’t say no to Anders. I will do anything for my brother. The breakups always go the same; they’re swift and simple.

Until Reed.

He’s everything I’ve fantasised about but never allowed myself to have. When I give in to temptation and begin to freak out, it’s not because he’s a guy. It’s because he thinks I’m my brother, and I can’t bring myself to tell him the truth.


Now feast your eyes on the hotness that is Lawson and Reed.







3 thoughts on “COVER REVEAL Unwritten Law

  1. tammy hollen

    When are you going to write about Anders. I really want to hear his story.

    1. edenfinley

      I’m currently working on Anders’ book 🙂 It will be our later this year.

  2. hannah gamboa

    i loved this story!!!im waiting for thext series,unspoken vow! i hope it will come the soonest!!! thank you!!!!

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